Back Office

With our experience in running and advising growing companies with a global footprint, HSA Global can manage your day-to-day back office so that you and your team can remain focused on what is important – building and growing your business. Back office services include payroll, reporting, treasury, compliance and administration – all completed with the depth of knowledge required for the local country.

International payroll

With every additional office comes the responsibility of additional payrolls. Payroll is an essential aspect of a company, as it concerns your most valuable assets – your employees. And it goes way beyond simply transferring money in a timely manner. We can take over on-boarding, processing bi-monthly/monthly payroll, tax filings, maintaining tax compliance with local laws and regulations, interaction with government agencies, design of employee handbooks, interaction with employees, and – where applicable – managing employee benefits. HSA Global will make sure all aspects are taken care of according to local requirements – so you know you are doing it right.

Financial Reporting

We at HSA Global specialize in global financial reporting. We support your business in many ways: producing monthly US GAAP / IFRS consolidated financial reports/statements, creating a company-wide closing calendar stating who delivers what and when, managing internal financial reporting – operational and functional P&L – including KPIs, and generating worldwide consolidated financial statements.

As part of managing all aspects of your back office needs, we take over your cash management, including A/R and A/P. For accounts payable, this includes the approval and the payment of your invoices, as well as any additional processing of transactions that may be necessary in the country you are moving your business to.

For accounts receivable, this would include the preparation of client invoices and monthly A/R aging reports.


We manage your treasury and cash management needs. HSA Global's experts set up and manage your treasury-related functions, including opening bank accounts on behalf of your company with the utmost transparency, acquiring company credit cards, managing cash balance, opening security deposits for rent deposits, all the way down to cash collections and disbursements – your finances will be in the best hands.