Legal Management Services

Our experts at HSA Global work closely with our network of international attorneys to solve your businesses’ full contractual needs, so all legal requirements – including international corporate law, employment law, contract law, M&A experience and expertise, and fundraising – are met and taken care of.

Legal Services

Our services at HSA Global also include a variety of legal topics, such as setting up an international permanent establishment, creating and managing international bilingual employment contracts, preparing and participating in employee terminations, handling of the visa process and any immigration-related issues, preparing various corporate contracts, including NDAs, product and service contracts, distributor contracts, and referral agreements, just to name a few. In addition, we have extensive experience with customer contract negotiations, creating and managing ESOP plans and stock incentive plans, M&A deals and managing the due diligence process for fundraising-related and M&A activities as well pre- and post- IPO transactions.